Getting RTX 30 series stock

Where to get RTX 30 series stock?

We know that getting your hands on a newer (or even older) graphics hard can be a huge frustration for many customers. Everywhere is always out of stock and if you do find stock its something like a $2600 RTX3090. So the question is: where can you get a new series graphics card without paying a scalper hundreds of dollars above market price? You’re trying to buy a video card not the latest supreme hoodie. Fear not for we have found a solution that with a bit of diligence and some hard work will pay off.

Okay so what’s the solution?

The solution is Stock Radar, a discord bot that alerts you to restocking of graphics cards in your region. The bot is very handy in making sure you can subscribe to restocks only in your region, for us that’s Canada. You react to a post in one of the text channels and then you get a notification whenever the card your looking for is back in stock. You can subscribe to multiple regions if you don’t mind shipping from Canada or the U.S. and you can keep an eye on multiple cards, it even can alert you to PlayStation restocks! The only problem with it is you have to be quite quick on the draw, everyone else in the server is also trying to get their hands on a video card just like you so when a notification is made the stock can be lost within minutes. You have to make sure you have all of your data saved in your browser so you can buy as quickly as possible but if you are prepared and ready to buy you can get a video card without having to wait on backorder for months. If you aren’t familiar with discord it’s an application that allows you to do voice calls, video calls, and text chat in servers, which are chat rooms that have a moderator who will invite members so you can have all of your friends in one place. Discord has a lot of functionality that can be explored and allows for many powerful tools but that is a post for another day. StockRadar have their own discord server that anyone can join so feel free to download discord, join the server and find yourself a card.