A laptop with SSD installed, connected to two additional screens

Benefits of Upgrading from HDD to SSD

SSD (Solid State Drive) is the latest storage solution that has replaced the old HDD (Hard Disk Drive) storage system. HDD was used globally for sixty years to store data and had its limitations. The monopoly is now broken with the introduction of SSD that has worked on those limitations to bring to the users a faster and safer alternative.


SSDs use flash memory and provide faster operations than HDDs. Accessing and storing data, and opening files, folders, etc., are quicker with an SSD.


An SSD has no moving parts, unlike an HDD, therefore, it has low to no chance of damage.

Power Consumption:

Battery and electricity also prefer an SSD over an HDD as SSD is non-mechanical and doesn’t need the power to spin up to a certain RPM to perform like an HDD.


We are all aware of the noises an HDD makes. SSD, on the other hand, is as silent as the grave.

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Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

Computers are complex machines with a bunch of internal units performing several operations. An issue with any of the components can affect the performance of your machine. It is crucial to diagnose the correct problem and constantly troubleshoot the machine to prevent the computer from malfunctioning and creating obstacles in your work.

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Final Thoughts

Now you know what to side with the next time you are involved in a conversation of SSD vs HDD. Speed of a computer is the main factor that dictates how much utility you extract out of it. Contact us if you need computer repairs in Maple Ridge or have any other tech issue that requires attention. We don’t charge an additional fee for upgrades while repairing your computer.