Gaming Laptop Repair VS Gaming Desktop Repair

In Canada we love our Computer Gaming.

Many of our ‘computer repair‘ clients here in Maple Ridge, Langley, Surrey, Pitt Meadows, and Port Coquitlam are Gamers. And many of them take it very seriously. Some play their games on steam, some play on epic, some have preferred games on battle.net. Some Gamers have them all, but no matter the games they pay, we have some common things that we notice as a service company.

Today we want to talk to Gamers about what type of computer they should buy. Most importantly, 2Tech Computing wants to advise everyone to avoid buying high end gaming laptops. More times then we can count we are seeing very expensive $4000+ type computers that are less then 3 years old, but out of warranty, arrive in our shop dead on arrival. Almost all have the same issue. The machine was not designed to handle the heat and electrical tolerances needed to last many many years. It was under-engineered. They do go beyond the warranty, but many systems fail under the rugged high-performance conditions needed within a year or two of warranty expiry. In contrast, a good business laptop can last over 10 years.

Laptops that generate high levels of heat tend to have shorter lifespans. So when a computer has high density like a top of the line gaming system with high end mobile video card and a high performance processor, it generates more heat. Lots more. That heat is much harder on other internal components. Our most recent example was an ASUS ROG laptop with a Nvidia 2080 video card. Just over $4000 in 2019. Refurbished it still sells for over $3000 on ebay. It’s a great machine when working but in this case the video connection melted. Literally melted itself. The materials were clearly not rugged enough to handle the conditions for long term use, or perhaps some other quality control issue where heat and electrical tolerances were too sparse.

In any case, it all adds up to very expensive losses for the customer. So if you’re a Gamer looking for a Laptop, don’t. Get a Laptop for basic web usage and have a Desktop as your Gaming Battle station. A Gaming Computer or Gaming Laptop repair and built correctly will last longer then its capabilities are useful. Custom made systems by 2Tech Computing are designed to last longer then name brand solutions by adding enhanced cooling and more reliable components then retail solutions include. The difference is not that 2Tech Computing has better products, any company can access the parts we use, the difference is that we have a higher standard for performance and reliability. A well built custom system runs circles around the big name brands and will last twice as long.

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