Computer Speed

Why Your Computer or PC Is Running Slow?

We hear this often at 2Tech Computing and we are experts at solving these kinds of issues. We make your computer fast!

Sometimes a computer can be slow for different reasons such as…

  • Updates
  • Security Scans
  • Background Tasks
  • Too many programs running
  • Failing or old hardware
  • Wi-Fi or Network problems

And in any of these or other situations we will get to the bottom of it and correct your machine. In many cases we also offer upgrades at reasonable costs that make significant improvements in a computer that is several years old. Do not let a failing or troublesome computer interfere with your productivity. We are really great technicians and will provide a level of technical services most customers have rarely experienced.

We offer safe and contactless services where desirable, along with free pickup and delivery in Maple Ridge, Port Coquitlam, and Langley, or we can offer in many cases a remote service. We can help you if you’re a large company, a senior citizen, a gamer, or software company, it does not matter what your skill level or experience with computers, we are highly experienced computer technicians who focus on customer service and excellence. Our prices are fair, our services will meet and exceed all of your expectations.