Managed IT Services

Still Using Windows 7?

At this point Windows 7 is entirely obsolete for any Internet Connected systems.

When your home or business relies on a computer, having good Computer Repair Service from a talented ‘Managed IT Services’ company like 2Tech Computing is vital.

When you buy a Car you follow a service schedule and attempt to keep the vehicle in great shape. Tech Support is similar. Computer & Laptop Maintenance do not need to be expensive or aggravating, however they do need service and care. Both software and hardware need an occasional ‘clean-up’ and or ‘tune-up’. So even if you’re a home computer or a business that is otherwise too small, ‘Managed IT Services’ can still be a simple proposition.

With 2Tech Computing, we implement an annual service plan that utilizes the latest software and techniques to give your home or business the experience of having ‘Managed IT Services’ . This way your proactively ensuring your minimum standard for operation, without added risk and costs proven to occur from a reactive ‘break-fix’ method. Not only do you get better reliability but you lower your operations costs, downtime, and best of all, have technicians who know your setup and can respond.

If your still on Windows 7, use this as an opportunity to get proactive. Our upgrade services can be done for as little as $125 and can help you get onto Windows 10 much easier than you may realize.

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