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Managed IT Services

Using our contracted ‘managed IT services’ your company will have an IT department available throughout the day. Using remote monitoring technology, best practices, effective disaster planning, and ‘service level agreements’ we are the answer for companies who need an on call IT Team backing them up who doesn’t cost as much as a full time IT technician. Our team has years of experience behind them both as a full time technician for large data canters and as on call managed IT technicians that offer a help desk experience for a fraction of the price. Our managed support offers both in person and remote support depending on the situation. We can quickly remote into your computer to provide support so you can have as little downtime as possible or we can come on-site to do a thorough analysis of hardware, network, or more difficult problems that require someone to be on hand. We will set you up with a managed cloud storage system to make sure all of your files are secure and backed up in case of a cyber attack or hardware failure. Our managed IT services are designed to save you money and to increase your workflow through the use of a proactive approach where we prevent problems from happening by using best practices and staying one step ahead of the competition.

What Is Managed IT? Managed IT Services are when a company uses a third party company to manage their IT Operations. These experts, or Managed Service Providers will then assume the role of your IT personnel and enter in a Service Contract with you where we will be available at all business hors for remote or in person help. We can also offer help with replacing systems or any other hardware such as networking components or servers as part of our contract, saving you the headache of hours of research for what the best model will be for you and how to transfer all of your files over onto it!

While your business can’t be virus free, 2 Tech Computers can help improve your businesses cyber security by offering proactive solutions to common security problems through email, data loss, scams and system lockouts. Cyber Security has only gotten more important in previous years with the number of attacks rising steadily. The majority of these attacks are caused by human error so how can you defend yourself against threats? The best way is to be well prepared and at 2 Tech Computing we can help you prepare for the worst. Contact us today to see what we can do for you!