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Computer Gaming Setup and Installation Services

We know that as a gamer you have unique specifications that other computer users might not have, whether that be for your computer or your setup. Here at 2 Tech Computing we can offer you expert gaming advice as gamers ourselves. We specialize in helping you build the custom computer to fit your needs, wants, and budget. Whether you have a preference for Intel or AMD or you want to make sure your RGB Is setup just the way you want it we know that making your own gaming rig is about having something that is uniquely yours which is exactly what we will build. We also offer recommendations on other aspects of your gaming setup such as mechanical keyboards, gaming mice, microphone and headphone setups, and chairs to really dial in your gaming experience. If you are a streamer, we can help you pick out special hardware that only you will need such as a capture card. At the end of the day were here because gaming is our passion and were just as excited to help you build something amazing as you are.