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Cryptocurrency Introduction and Orientation to Cryptocurrency

Our experienced technicians can assist you with Technical and User Support for Cryptocurrency.

For those looking to enter the world of Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, we offer local in person technical support in Maple Ridge, Langley, Port Coquitlam and surrounding areas, or remote support for customers who are not in the local area.

Our area of expertise is introducing new users to the world of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others. We assist clients in selecting a method for purchase based on their needs as there are many options and ways to purchase, store, and invest Cryptocurrency.

While we are not investment advisers, we can offer technical and user support viewpoints for varying types of customers. Someone who wishes to buy and sell Cryptocurrencies frequently may need a major exchange, while someone simply looking to purchase a small investment may need a completely different method, we are here to recommend which ones work best to suit your needs.

We help determine the available options based on your intent, and you decide which services, technologies, or companies to use. We function as your guide and technical liaison between you and your Cryptocurrency exchange. We can assist you in setting up and verifying your accounts, making purchases, setting up software or hardware wallets for long term storage, and much more.

Our highest virtue and priority is your privacy. We do not collect any client information and can prepare our Invoices to merely reflect our technical support services. Your privacy and security is our number one concern.

No matter where you live in the Vancouver Area, or Worldwide, we can provide secure technical and user support and assistance. We will serve you as a technical operator, and within 2, one hour sessions you will fully understand and be proficient at buying and selling Bitcoin or any other Cryptocurrency.

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